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The Kitchen of the future: Smart induction cooktop

Induction hobs are ending up being increasingly more preferred due to the fact that they are straightforward, trendy as well as smart. That is why new as well as clever hobs are continuously being established. At this year’s IFA trade fair in Berlin, we saw some of the latest versions. WHAT IS AN INDUCTION HOB? Induction hobs provide heat through […]

Banana Caramel Cream Pie

We had a few too many bananas in our organic fruit and veggie box this week.  The grand kids aren’t here since school is about to start and I don’t care for bananas, my husband does but how many can one man eat before they go bad.  This will be my very first dessert post.  I am not really big on […]

Spinach Stuffed Garlic Bread

i everyone!  I realize that I have been missing for a little bit.  I have been under the weather or some cliche like that, and so I decided to do a cleanse, meaning eating raw fruits and juicing vegetables.  I’m feeling much better now but I haven’t been cooking.   This is an old post from back around Labor Day of last year so […]


Hi guys, Today’s post is going to be rumali roti, if you are a regular reader then you should know by now that I’ve already made one version of it long back. The version one contains mostly whole wheat flour , no ghee and it’s slightly a simpler version compared to the one listed here. Here am going to make […]

Tamari Spinach Dipped In Toasted Sesame Seeds

Spinach is one of those veggies I think, that you either love or hate.  When we were kids we would never eat the stuff.  It came out of a can and was the most awful  green color you have ever seen.  Of course Popeye ate it straight from the can.  Do you remember the Popeye cartoons?   His spinach eating implied that it […]